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Is Henna Safe?

Natural brown henna has been used throughout the world for five thousand years and is considered a very safe product. The one exception is with infants who have a G6PD deficiency. This is an inherited condition and almost unheard of in Europe, however, for this reason most henna artists will not henna children under the age of 7. 

What about Black Henna?

Temporary black henna tattoo's are NOT SAFE for the skin. That's because the extra ingredient used to blacken henna is a hair dye containing p-phenylenediamine (PPD), an ingredient that can cause dangerous skin reactions in some people. Once the body's immune system has triggered an allergic reaction to PPD, such as after having a black henna tattoo, further exposure can be fatal. Please don’t take the risk. Remember if it isn’t brown it isn’t henna, despite what it is being marketed as. 

How long does a henna tattoo last for?

Henna stains the very top layer of skin (the Stratum Corneum). As this skin exfoliates the henna design will naturally fade away. In most people this process will take between 1-3 weeks, however, this process will be speeded up by frequent hand washing, using exfoliating products and chlorine. 

How long do I need to leave the paste on for?

The henna paste will start to stain almost immediately after it is applied, so you will get a stain even if it is removed within the first few minutes. If you want a strong dark stain it is best to leave the paste on for 4-6 hours. 

Do I need a skin sensitivity test?

Henna is a very safe product and does not require a skin sensitivity test before hand. The exceptions to this are customers who are pregnant or receiving chemotherapy. If you are concerned in any way please feel free to talk to us before your appointment. 

Do you do coloured henna?

Sadly 'coloured henna' doesn't really exist. Products marketed like this (including white henna) are designed to sit on the surface of the skin and will come off as soon as you wash your hands without leaving a stain. We prefer not to use these products, however, we will add coloured glitter to your design so it looks pretty while the paste is drying! 

Before Your Appointment:

Do not exfoliate your skin 24 hours prior to your appointment. 

Do not apply moisturising products or sunscreen on the day of your appointment. If you have used these products please advise your artist so that she can clean the area. 

If the area needs waxing, please do this at least 48 hours before your appointment. 

If you have suffered from recent sunburn then please postpone your appointment until after your skin has recovered. 

After Care:

Please leave the henna paste on your skin for as long as possible. 4-6 hours is recommended but it can be left for longer.

To remove the paste gently scrape off with a butter knife. Do not use water to remove the paste as this will interfere with the stain development. 

Avoid washing the area until the next morning. 

When the paste is first removed, the stain will look orange. This will gradually darken off over the next 24-48 hours. 

Keep the skin warm as this will help the stain to develop. 

Moisturise your skin with natural oils and avoid anti ageing products.

Avoid swimming as the chlorine will break down the henna stain. 

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